Hello! If you’re looking to get more involved in fighting Trump and wanting to learn more, you’re in the right spot. Welcome! This is a collection of resources available for learning what you need to know, staying up to date, and making a difference. We need you to fight with us.

This project started as a personal calendar to keep track of progressive actions (rallies, protests, trainings, forums, etc.) taking place in DC, starting January 2017. Since a lot of people expressed interested in having access, it is now public and can be viewed and shared by anyone, and can be embedded into your own personal Google Calendar. A bunch of you have now shared it, which is great!

This website is not meant to be exhaustive nor exclusionary. Events left off are likely done so simply because we are not aware of them, or they are not public, or not in DC. This calendar also does not replace existing resources, such as the Washington Peace Center calendar, which generally includes a different scope of events.

Any questions, comments, or want to get involved? Send an email to dctakesaction@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch. 

Thanks! Peace, love, solidarity, and resistance. We need you to show up, so we’re glad you’re joining us.