On March 11, ACLU launched a campaign for freedom cities, which are a series of policies and ordinances cities can enact to better ensure safety and dignity of residents. This post will be updated as more guidance and information is given from ACLU.

9 Model State & Local Law Enforcement Policies and Rules

  • Written by ACLU to ensure safety and protection of residents on a local level
  • Ready for local customization and to be brought local law enforcement and officials

Plan a Meeting with Local Law Enforcement

  • ACLU guide to meeting with law enforcement to gather information and set pathway for local ordinances

Many Languages One Voice DC

  • Local chapter of organization working to ensure immigrant safety and survival
  • Working to ensure progressive laws in DC are enforced to protect immigrants

Sanctuary DMV

  • Local group working since the election to better ensure migrant safety and inclusion in DC, Maryland, Virginia area
  • Hold meetings and trainings to get more people involved

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

  • Sister Organization to the Movement for Black Lives, made up of allies for black liberation
  • Host regular educational events and participate in DC police reform campaigns

DC Justice for Muslims

  • Coalition that organizes actions and training events regarding the Muslim travel ban and to address Islamophobia

Collective Action for Safe Spaces

  • Provide active bystander trainings, some of which specialize in confronting harassment of Muslim folks and stopping sexual harassment.

Stop Police Terror Project DC

  • Group working to expose police brutality and demand accountability and police reform in the district.

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