People’s Climate Movement

Born out of the 2014 march that brought over 400,000 people to demand climate action in New York, this movement is bringing environmental groups together over common goals for clean air and water, and environmental justice. Come to this year's march on Washington on April 29th, and get involved with local organizations preparing for the … Continue reading People’s Climate Movement


ACLU’s Freedom Cities

On March 11, ACLU launched a campaign for freedom cities, which are a series of policies and ordinances cities can enact to better ensure safety and dignity of residents. This post will be updated as more guidance and information is given from ACLU. 9 Model State & Local Law Enforcement Policies and Rules Written by … Continue reading ACLU’s Freedom Cities

More Calendars

“The tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” - Dinos Christianopoulos Washington Peace Center Activist Calendar & Alerts **DC Specific Sign up for weekly activist alerts See calendar of events organized by topic area Submit events to calendar here DC Protests Against Trump: Listings **DC Specific Facebook page that shares events for … Continue reading More Calendars